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Learning To Make A Shopping List

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Person making a shopping list

What’s the best way to make a shopping list? The one that works for you!

The average family of 4 wastes $1,800 a year on food that is thrown away. In fact, Americans wasted 133 billion pounds of food in 2010, worth $161 billion.

How can we save money and reduce waste?

· Make a shopping list,

· Shop your pantry, and

· Shop with a list!

If the thought of making a shopping list is new to you, start by planning your lunch. The average lunch out costs $13.00 per meal, but a meal prepared at home costs only $3.25, that could save you an additional $2,500 a year.

Learning to Pack My Lunch:

I enjoyed a wonderful privilege as a child, my parents “let us” plan and pack our own lunches. As we grew it became our responsibility to pack our lunches, and eventually do the grocery shopping.

A packed lunch gave me extra time to relax during a stressful school day. As an adult, I still enjoy this privilege and use the extra few thousand dollars a year to pay for weekend trips and small home repairs.

Start Today:

Use pen and paper, your smartphone, or your smart speaker. All you need to do is make a list of items to buy! Jot down all the ingredients you’ll need. Check your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator for the items you already have. Then, head to the store.

If you’re looking to save even more money, look for coupons and don’t shy away from the reduced price or marked down items. You’ll help reduce waste and get a good deal on items that you’re going to eat quickly!

Do You Use A Shopping List?

Do you make a shopping list before going to the grocery store? Why or why not? We’d love to hear your responses for use in an upcoming blog on WastedFoodStopsWithUs.Org. All answers are accepted, respected, and encouraged!

Submit your responses here!

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