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Your Smart Speaker Can Save You Up to $1,500 a Year!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Do you use technology to streamline your life? What if your smart speaker could save you up to $1,500 a year? Activate your shopping list to keep track of needed items and cut down on wasteful spending.

Shopping cart in store.

Are you like me? Do you love technology? Is your home full of “smart” devices that are more powerful than the computer onboard Apollo 11?

There is a not-so-secret feature of most smart devices that you can use to save yourself time and money. It’s a modern version of something that your parents or grandparents did.

Every time you open your fridge or pantry and realize that you’re out of something you like to eat, speak your key word, and tell the smart speaker to add the item to your shopping list. That list will populate on your smart phone.

Buying extra food that you don’t need can cost your family up to $1,500 a year[1]. A shopping list will help you manage that cost and reduce food waste.

Starting today, make a shopping list using your smart speaker.

If you’re not a technophile, you can go old school and leave a pad of paper in your kitchen to write down what you need, just don’t forget to bring those notes with you when you head to the store.

Your efforts can reduce wasted food and save your family money. Remember- Wasted Food Stops with Us!

[1] (Hamilton County R3Source, 2021)

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