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Wasted Food Stops With Us Day Food Recovery and Community Health Panel

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Wasted Food Stops With Us Day Schedule

The experts have spoken, take one small step to reduce food waste! If you missed the panel from Wasted Food Stops With Us Day or just want more information and food waste reduction and community health- watch the recording here:

You can check out resources referenced in our talk here:

Meiser's Fresh Grocery & Deli: Reba Hennessey

Photo of Maddie Chera

Maddie Chera Director, Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council

Maddie is the Director of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council at Green Umbrella, where she works with partners to build a food secure community through collective impact. Over the past year, Maddie has worked with partners in the food system to identify, document, and address waste and quality issues in the distribution of food to neighborhood food access points in Cincinnati. Maddie earned her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Indiana University Bloomington, with a focus on food and the environment, and her BA in Humanities with a Peace & Justice Studies concentration from Villanova University.

Photo of Alex Gonzales

Alex Gonzales Health Educator, WeTHRIVE!

Alex Gonzales is a Health Educator with the WeTHRIVE! Initiative. She currently works with the WeTHRIVE! communities of Amberley Village, Deer Park, Elmwood Place, Evendale, Lockland, Reading, Montgomery, St. Bernard, Woodlawn, and Wyoming.

Photo of Maddie Keating

Maddie Keating City Strategist, Natural Resources Defense Council

Madeline Keating is a City Strategist focused on building a more resilient, equitable and sustainable food system. She works closely with city governments and local organizations on implementation of city-level solutions and strategies for food waste prevention, surplus food rescue, and food scrap recycling. She also works on ensuring that food waste reduction is included in local, state and federal policy priorities. Madeline is based in Denver, Colorado.

Photo of Jerome Peaker

Jerome Peaker Partnerships & Programs Director, Last Mile Food Rescue

Jerome was born and raised in Cincinnati and has seen first-hand the effect hunger can have on everyone, especially children. He started with Last Mile in 2021 and works to identify new sources of food, as well as agencies that can get the food to our neighbors in need.

Photo of Merrie Stillpass

Merrie Stillpass, AICP Key Member, WeTHRIVE! Amberly Village

Merrie has over 40 years of experience as a professional urban planner and dedicated community volunteer. In her local community of Amberley Village, she served on the PC & BZA and 3 terms on Village Council, including a term as mayor. Merrie was instrumental in forming the Environmental Stewardship Committee in 2005, and Amberley joining HCPH's WeThrive Movement in 2011 with the creation of a 36-plot community garden. Now in the 10th season, the Amberley Green Community Garden is a HUB garden in the Cincinnati Civic Garden Center’s Community Garden program.

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