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Crepe'd Crusader- Chef Anthony Jordan

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Chef Anthony Jordan

For more than 30 years Chef Anthony Jordan has been on a quest to make healthy food more accessible. Educated at Cincinnati State and Hocking College, Chef Jordan left commercial kitchens 13 years ago and started his own company Invito Personal Chef.

“When I started out, there weren't a lot of personal chefs running around and the ones I knew about weren’t focused on healthy food.” Chef Jordan continues, “It’s my goal to defend the integrity of food. I’ve watched loved one’s struggle with food. Diabetes is a terrible disease. People need healthy food that is well cooked, well prepared, tasty, and accessible!”

It’s not just where people access food that is a growing challenge, it’s understanding what to do with the ingredients. Jordan reminds us, “There are hungry people out there, and good food is being thrown away, lets learn how to use it!”

Bin of food scraps
“No chef wants to throw away good food and watch it rot in a landfill.”

Fighting food waste is an essential part of being a chef. “No chef wants to throw away good food and watch it rot in a landfill.” The keys to eating healthy are the same as reducing food waste only buy what you need, practice portion control, and store food safely! “No matter how you preserve or process your food, remember to protect the integrity of your food. People like eating good food that is well prepared.”

Chef Jordan has some important pieces of advice for those aspiring food system advocates and chefs, “Never stop learning. Never stop learning. Never stop Learning. Never stop brainstorming or thinking outside the box.”

Afro-Summer Salad

Finished Afro Summer Salad

When you’re ready to explore just how far fruit can take a garden salad, This refreshing salad will have you hooked. Melons, black berries, raspberries and kiwi go well together. I add Apple chips as a crisp bonus. From here you’ll want to try your own fruit combinations as you create your own signature salad.


  • Organic Spinach

  • Melon (chunks)

  • Black Berries (whole)

  • Raspberries (whole)

  • Kiwi (sliced)

  • Apple Chips (dried slices)

  • Lightly drizzle Honey Poppy Seed Dressing


  1. Chop or cut ingredients as necessary, serve in a bowl.

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