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National Meal Prep Day is June 9

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

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June 9th is National Meal Prep Day. Meal prepping is a great way to plan meals, save time, and reduce waste. Angie Klaas, Cat Lusky, Corina Asbury, and O Gregerson-Clem share their tips for successful food prepping!

Angie Klaas:

Digital Media Specialist, Hamilton County Environmental Services

Having the ability to plan and prepare meals in advance is one of my favorite aspects of food prep. By doing this I’m sure that I have a variety of nutritious options available throughout the week. Spending a few hours each week cooking and portioning meals allows me to have healthy options instead of unhealthy options.
La posibilidad de planificar y preparar las comidas con anticipación es una de mis cosas favoritas. Al hacerlo, me aseguro de tener una variedad de opciones nutritivas disponible durante toda la semana. Al dedicar unas horas a la semana a cocinar y preparar las porciones de las comidas, puedo asegurarme de disfrutar de opciones saludables en lugar de opciones como la comida rápida o comida de un restaurante.

Cat Lusky:

Population Health Specialist, Hamilton County Public Health

The way that I prep food for the week is I like to prep a protein, a carb and then a fruit or veggie to create lunches for my week. I like to mix and match the ingredients for the lunches so putting a different type of carb with a different type of protein, mixing and matching so that the meal is rarely the same. But it’s easy and simple to grab what I need and throw it together and lunch is ready.

Corinna Asbury:

Culinary Education Director, LaSoupe

How I food prep and why? I like to have everything ready to go in my refrigerator or pantry. So when I come home from the grocery store, I’ll unload all my bags and I’ll wash all the produce. And I’ll chop it and get it ready in a state that I can easily use it throughout the week. And this gives me a better chance of reducing food waste because everything is ready to go and it feels like a lot less work throughout the week to cook with.

O Gregerson-Clem:

Environmental Technician, Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency

June 9th is national meal prep day. And I wanted to share all of the reasons why I meal prep. First, is saves me a lot of money. Second, I like knowing where my ingredients come from and I can also make my food as spicy as I like it, which tends to be on the hotter side. Third, it’s easy for me to adjust my macros. I have a pretty basic setup for how I meal prep. On Sundays, I decide what I’m going to eat for the entire week. There are several websites that you can use to find recipes if you don’t want to eat something in your current meal rotation. If I am using a recipe, I will look at the amounts it calls for and guess if I need to make any adjustments. All my meals contain some kind of grain, potatoes, a main protein, and veggies. After I prepare my food, I set up all of my bowls and fill them up. That’s it, it takes me about an hour and a half. And I normally cook dinner while I’m meal prepping so I can reduce the number of dishes that I need.

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