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How to Access Fresh Local Food at the Northside Farmers Market

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Fresh veggies at the market

Composting is an important way that we can keep food out of the landfill, but before composting we must reduce food waste at the source. Make a shopping list, check your cabinets, shop from your list, and store food safely. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by shopping a farmer’s market. The passionate volunteers and vendors are ready to help!

Farmer’s Markets have come a long way in the past 20 years. 1 in 5 Americans planned to visit farmers’ markets more often in 2020.[1] That’s because many markets are offering longer hours and can now accept SNAP benefits.

Emily and Sarah, who run and promote the Northside Farmers Market share that “part of our duties as a farmer's market are sustainability and community investment. Our vendors have the option to donate their excess produce to our neighbors at the CAIN food pantry. Then, whatever is in excess at CAIN, chef Anthony of Invito Personal Chef creates dishes for Meals on Wheels… we also have monthly compost drop-offs with Queen City Commons. It's $3 for non-members to drop off at the market and free for members.”

Queen City Commons is a local, small scale community compost agency that provides food scrap collection for businesses and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area, as well as compost drop-off sites for residents. Partnering with QCC diverts organic waste from the landfill and restores nutrients to our soil.

The Northside Farmers Market is open Every Wednesday, Year-Round, Rain or Shine, Dec - Mar: 4pm - 6pm; Apr - Nov: 4pm - 7pm. Outside behind North Church, 4222 Hamilton Ave. Learn about all of our local farmers markets here! Looking to compost at home? Visit Hamilton County R3Source to learn about your options!

[1] (1 in 5 U.S. Adults Will Shop At Farmer's Markets More This Year, 2020)

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