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A Love Letter: Tomatoes

Red and juicy, sweet and tart,

From vine to store, you steal my heart.

In the soil, your roots shoot.

To someday grow, seeds in fruit.

The taste of sun, on the ground,

Your bright red skin, makes my heart pound.

On my sandwich, in my soup,

Fresh or frozen, or canned goop…

I love the taste, and memories made,

My favorite of, the family nightshade.

How can I, hide the truth?

Nutritionally, you got more to boot.

Vitamin C, and lycopene,

Fiber, K, ‘n beta carotene.

No need to freeze, but I could,

And on the counter, is where I should-

Store you ‘till, my heart does pound,

Your juicy nectar, is freshly found.

In my taco, on my pie,

You bring meaning to my life.

If food were people, you'd be my base,

For toes bring balance, and sweet grace.

Going bad, I won’t waste,

Stewed or sauced, I like your taste.

And I can freeze, or can and store,

The sun that you, once absorbed.

You see my love, I need you so,

Can’t get enough…

of to-ma-toes

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