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Shop, Store, Serve, and Share the Love of Leftovers.

Updated: Jun 18

The summer season is almost here. Don’t let poor party planning practices ruin your good time. Follow these five tips to save money, stay safe, and enjoy delicious food! 

Shop with a List: 

Start by planning your menu and then shopping your pantry before going to the store. Once you’re at the store, remember to stick to your shopping list and buy only what you need. 

Store Food Safely: 

Food safety is key to keeping your festivities on track. Remember to keep frozen foods frozen until you’re ready to use them. Thaw meat, poultry, and seafood on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, on a tray, so juices don't drip onto other foods. And don’t wash fruit until you’re ready to use it, washed fruit will mold more quickly.  

Serve Good Food: 

Remember to prepare food as needed - don’t put out more than people will eat at one time. Set up your serving area so that hot foods stay hot and cold foods stay cold. Use warmers and coolers accordingly. Serve foods from containers that have a lid. This is helpful if there are insects around and makes storing leftovers easier.  

Love Leftovers: 

Before things get off track, refrigerate prepared food and perishable leftovers within 2 hours of serving. It’s best to divide leftovers into small, shallow containers for quick cooling and faster reheating. When storing meat, remove the bone (if necessary) and divide into meal-size portions.  

Share the Bounty: 

Once the party is over, send packed leftovers home with friends and family. You can also plan future gatherings with your friends to eat leftover dishes. Finally, consider donating any commercially packaged items, like unused canned foods or boxed dry goods, to a local food pantry. 

Summer Food Management Tips: Shop, Serve, Store, Love Leftovers and Share.

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