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Serving and saving: A fabulous Food for The Soul field trip!

two students packaging mashed potatoes

The school year is almost over, and to wrap up Anderson and Turpin High School's Aspire program this semester, students traveled to the Society of the Transfiguration to volunteer with Food for The Soul. Aspire is a youth discovery initiative that meets monthly across different communities to learn, network, and grow in service to others.

For this field trip, students worked with guidance from Food for The Soul staff to prep and package wholesome meals for food-insecure

communities, to be distributed at an event two days later.

a Last Mile Food Rescue hero dropping off a load of recovered food

In addition to food prep, students were introduced to a food rescue hero from Last Mile Food Rescue, who dropped off a load of rescued food at the Society’s beautiful garden adorned campus.

Students listening to Tony Staubach's presentation on careers in food waste and the environment.

After preparing the meals, students attended a career showcase where professionals, including our very own Tony Staubach, shared their experiences and advice. At the end of the presentation, students were given materials to create their own vision boards with the encouragement to work toward their aspirations.

The students were then treated to a lunch similar to the one they had prepared for others, and taken on a tour of the stunning chapel on campus, which several students highlighted as their favorite part of the day.

A big thank you goes to Mary Knight, the Director of Food for The Soul, for setting up this enriching experience for the students. Thank you as well to the Anderson and Turpin students for coming out to help with the goals of ending food insecurity and food waste in tandem.

At the end of the day, we asked a few of the students what they liked about their field trip, and this was what they had to say.

I enjoyed learning more about our community and being able to give back to it.

-          Grace, 10th grade.

What I liked most was learning about where wasted food goes.

-          Christian, 10th grade.

The students, presenters, and Food for The Soul director, Mary Knight.

Several students shared that their greatest takeaway was from the education on how big of a problem food waste is, especially with the context of how many people in Hamilton County are food insecure. Others expressed that this service centered field trip was their favorite of the semester! Here's to more successful field trips with Food for The Soul!


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