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Wasted Food Stops With Us Hero: Village of Mariemont

Composting, A Way of Life:

Mariemont GoZero Food Scrap Collection Site
Mariemont's GoZero Food Scrap Collection Site

Some community food waste diversion efforts are run by the local residents. In the Village of Mariemont, reducing waste through recycling is a “way of life,” explains food waste hero Mandy Rohal. When the chance to divert food waste through composting arose, she and dozens of other residents joined in to develop a community led food scrap collection program.

In 2021, Rohal connected 40 Mariemont families with GoZero, a local commercial food scrap hauler and processor. The participating families each paid an annual fee to drop off their food scraps at the local GoZero collection area. As of 2023, 45 families are composting with GoZero and over 19,000 pounds of organic waste have been diverted from the landfill.

Rohal hopes to continue to expand the project, which she says, “makes it easy for residents to participate in a composting program at a reasonable cost.” The Village’s goal is to increasingly divert its waste through education, recycling and composting.

Want to Learn More about Food Scrap Collection?

If you're interested in signing up for a local food scrap drop-off or collection service visit:

Resident with Kitchen Collector
Resident with Kitchen Collector

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