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Stock Up for Compost

In honor of International Compost Awareness Week, stock up for compost!

Making vegetable stock is an effective way to transform vegetable scraps into a useful broth and accelerate your compost.

Unlike chicken or beef stock, vegetable stock is generally made without added fats, oil, or grease, so after making the stock the spent scraps will break down quickly in a well-managed compost system. This is great for those who have limited space and need to accelerate the composting process.

Stock Up with these easy steps:


Save the skin and the ends from your chopped vegetables, cut them into fine pieces and set aside.


Put your scraps in a small, clear container and then place them in the freezer until the container is full.


Once your storage container is full, add 1 quart of scraps to 3 quarts of water and put your scraps in a crock pot on low for 8 hours (alternatively, you can simmer on the stove for an hour).


Strain the stock using a colander. Put the finished stock in a clear container and use within 7 days or freeze. Use in soups or to cook rice and quinoa.


Transfer the scraps to your compost system, cover, and compost! If you’re unable to compost at home, consider signing up for a local Food Scrap Collection Service. Local partners can do the composting for you and return these valuable nutrients to the soil.

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