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A Thank You Note on the UN's International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

Each day we must find the motivation to get out of bed and accept the challenges ahead.

The dozens of partners, volunteers, and community members who helped make the Miami Township Food Distribution Event on September 18 and the “Heart of Hamilton County” event on September 26 a success have supplied the motivation. Thanks to these two events more than 400 people and 10 food access agencies received more than 8 tons of food.

Approximately 10% of US workers are employed in the agricultural and food sectors. Although they are diligently working to feed the nation, 11% of Hamilton County residents are still food insecure.

The efforts to increase food access through food recovery and redistribution of wholesome, surplus food are key to ending hunger and reducing food waste.

We are grateful for the agencies and partners who provided support for these events. The robust suite of services to address chronic health conditions and social barriers is essential to creating a thriving community.

Thank you for improving the health of our families. Keep it up!


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