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C.O.R.N. for Dinner? Clean Out the Refrigerator!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Maybe you call it something else, but in my house it’s Clean Out the Refrigerator Night (CORN). Designating one night a week before you plan your list and shop for groceries will guarantee you’re using up the old stuff or in business speak, implementing inventory control. If your family complains, remind them the money saved by not wasting the food will help pay for that special something they’re looking forward to - since on average we throw out 20 cents of every dollar we spend at the grocery. Before you know it, this weekly tradition will be carried on without an eyebrow raise by anyone.

We’re busy people and this night can be easy-peasy. Pull out all your leftovers and perishables from the week. There are no rules. Enough salad ingredients for two while the carry-out doggie bag has just enough for one? Divvy up according to what different people like or create small portions for everyone. You can always supplement refrigerator leftovers with something from the freezer or pantry. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients and remember eggs and beans are always a cheap protein source.

How to do it?

  1. Pull out all your leftovers and perishables

  2. Divvy up according to people’s preferences

  3. Find other ingredients in the fridge or pantry

  4. Start cooking and get creative!

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