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Store-bought herbs and spices should be kept in their original containers for best quality. Bulk spices purchased in custom quantities and home-dried spices should be stored in food-grade containers with airtight lids. Do not store herbs and spices in direct sunlight, as this will adversely affect their color, flavor and texture. Fresh herbs and spices may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Expiration dates on spice containers are actually ‘Use-By’ dates. Use-By dates are suggested dates for how long food items will be at their best quality. After this date, the flavor, texture, and color of a product may deteriorate. Unless there are obvious signs of a potential food safety hazards – rancid smells, evidence of insects – the food should be safe to eat even after this date.

Dried herbs and spices may also be stored in the freezer in original packaging or food grade container to extend their shelf-life.

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