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Room temperature storage encourages insect growth (which may be important for backyard-harvested nuts) and causes nut oils to become rancid quicker. Nuts can maintain quality up to a few months at room temperature, with shorter time in a warmer
environment. Rancid nuts are not unsafe but they have a sharp flavor that most people find unpleasant.

Nuts retain quality for a year or more at refrigerator temperature (40°F [4°C] or below) or up to 2 years in the freezer (0°F [-18°C] or below). Shelled nuts absorb moisture and external flavors, so they should be packed in clean, moisture-free, and odor-tight packaging such
as plastic or glass containers.

Freezing the nuts is not necessary. If you choose to, take off the shells and freeze in freezer bags or air tight containers. They'll last up to 2 years in the freezer (0°F [-18°C] or below).

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