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Store bought cucumbers should continue to be refrigerated loose in a crisper drawer for a few days. Farm/garden fresh cucumbers that have not been refrigerated can be stored in cool spot (55°F) in in the kitchen in a perforated bag. Cucumbers will develop pitting if chilled below 40°F. Do not store with apples or tomatoes.

Peel or cut off damaged areas then soak in 1 cup ice water with 1 tsp salt to restore crunch.

Not recommended. Alternatively you can make refrigerator pickles. Slice (peel if preferred) and submerge 1 cut cucumber in a brine of of 1 cup vinnegar, 1 cup water, 1 tsp salt. Add spices as desired. Place in the refrigerator. This will extend the life of the produce for 2-4 weeks. Great for burgers and snacking.

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