Storage Tips

Food that is stored properly stays fresher longer, which adds up to savings for your family and less food wasted. The resources on this page will teach you how to correctly stow away your food, and learn how to read date labels so you aren't wasting your money or food. 


Upwards of 66% of food waste is caused by food spoilage. This adds up to a lot of waste for the landfill and your wallet. Use these storage tips to keep food fresher and grow your savings. 

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Best by, use by, sell by, what do they mean?


Well, turns out these dates are set by the manufacturer of food product to indicate when food is at its best quality. With the exception of infant formula, these dates do not reflect the safety or expiration of a product. 

"Best by" dates (most often shown as “Best if Used By” and “Best if Used Before”) and "Use by" dates, show when the food will taste best or be at the best quality. They do not indicate when the food will spoil or go bad. 

“Sell by” dates aren't meant for the consumer at all -- they are used as an inventory tool by stores, as an indication of how long they can keep the product displayed. 


None of these dates are indicators of safety or expiration. While the flavor and purity of products may diminish after the posted date, the food should be safe to eat as long as it was stored properly.